We all know Shiverburn Galaxy in Super Mario Galaxy 2 right? Well if you haven't played it, probably not. If you go to Shiverburn Galaxy and switch to first person view, look u
Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Shiverburn Galaxy Easter Egg

Super Mario Galaxy 2 - Shiverburn Galaxy Easter Egg

A video showing the mysterious trees.

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The mysterious "trees"

the gray or darkish-blue "sky". Well it is not a sky. Look up and it is some sort of valley or cliff. Well do you notice anything strange? Like three strange tree-like people looking down on you. This may not seem too strange, but get ready for the scary part: by hacking into the game's coding, you can see that the name of the textures is HellValleySkyTree. The sky model is called BeyondHellValleySky. If you use a flying cheat to try and reach them, Mario (your character) loses a life.
Shiverburn Galaxy Figures Close-Up

A close up of the figures