The title screen of Sonic R

Tails Doll is an unlockable character in the 1997 racing game for the Sega Saturn. He is unlocked by collecting 5 coins on the course called Radical City. You then have to race Tails Doll.

The CurseEdit

To do the curse, you must have the original Sonic R for the Sega Saturn. Or, if you have the Gamecube or Wii, the game Sonic Gems Collection also contains Sonic R. You must complete the game, unlocking every character, collect every Chaos Emerald (some say you must do this in less than a day). Next, you must save your data and go to the options menu, and turn the vocal OFF. Turn them off!!! Go to time attack and select Tag 4 Players. For you character, select Tails Doll. For the course selection, select Resort Island. AND NOW..... you are getting closer to the curse. you must tag the following characters IN ORDER: Metal Eggman, Metal Sonic, Metal Knuckles, and Then Finally Super Sonic. YOU MUST TAG SUPER SONIC AT EXACTLY 11:00 PM. (Note: this is very hard to do!!). After you do this, the screen will turn black, followed by a picture of the Tails Doll standing on a checkered floor, staring right at you. The rest? I will let you find out.

Playing as Tails Doll in the Tag 4 Players mode


After you tag Super Sonic at 11:00 PM, this is what will greet you immediately after.